What an opportunity to write your story and express yourself in both writing and image with the difficulty of speaking.

Special Supplies Long Foam Pencil Grips for Kids and Adults Colorful, Cushioned Holders for Handwriting, Drawing, Coloring | Ergonomic Right or Left-Handed Use  Reusable 
The Pencil Grip The Classics Extreme Pencil Grips, Ergonomic Writing Aid For Lefties And Righties

Right hand dolphin grips, fit 7.5-8mm diameter pens or pencils.
Made of silicone, non-toxic, non-slip when sweating, soft and comfortable

The soft tip allows you to draw both broad and thin lines with no-fray, smooth and Durable

One of Europe’s best selling pocket highlighter
Water-based ink

Magic Ink Copybooks for Kids Reusable Handwriting Workbooks for Preschools Grooves Template Design and Handwriting Aid Practice for Kids The Print Writing (4 Books with Pens)


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