Books are important for vocabulary, but a book today can also be listened to, which gives more chances to read a book.

Reading pen
Scanmarker Reader is an effective reading device for people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties; our aim is to help every user become an independent reader.
The Scanmarker Reader web app includes a suite of reading tools and accessibility features that can be personalized according to each individual’s learning preferences

Text To Speech Device
After using SVANTTO reading pen by scanning documents in real-time, you can get text and extract important text to computer or mobile phone effortlessly with a QR code, saving your time and improving your study or work efficiency.
reading pen supports bluetooth wifi connect, 

Language Translator Device Scanner Pen, Text to Speech
Device for Dyslexia Support 134 Speech languages translation Scanned data can be transferred to a mobile phone or computer for language beginners


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